By Tegan and Clark | Jan 24, 2016 |

Holly is the better half of Buddy and Holly. Two beautiful labrador cross fur babies. Consequently, they loved their food and digging their way out of the garden was their favourite past time that we had to watch for. Topped only by the opportunity for a trip to the beach.

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By Tegan and Clark | Jan 24, 2016 |

Gemma shared her garden with Dougal and two chooks and was always so happy to see you. Gemma’s owners were simply glad to not have to worry about her, knowing she was being cared for in her own home.

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USA – Coast to Coast

By Tegan and Clark | Dec 26, 2015 |

Wow! What a trip this was. It started with a visit to Los Angeles to see my friend Tom and Buster the Groovedog. Then we picked up the hire car and headed to Texas with Dad in the back for Thanksgiving via Tuscan to visit some friends along the way. Thanksgiving was even better than…

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By Tegan and Clark | Nov 26, 2015 |

This is Buster. My dog who now lives in Los Angeles and barks with an American accent 😉 He is an old soul with a special gift of knowing exactly what was going on and when you needed his unlimited love. 16 yo now and a wee bit frail but his heart and spirit is…

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Mount Coolum Conquered

By Tegan and Clark | Sep 26, 2015 |

Two years later we have returned to one of our favourite house sits and location. From the lovely neighbours to the beach just a quick walk away we love it here. Large open plan home and a fabulous four legged girl who loves to run and run and run. On the way to the beach…

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Bali – Culture and Clifftops

By Tegan and Clark | Jul 26, 2015 |

  A lot of people travel to Bali to drink and let loose in the busy tourist resorts and bars. We don’t. Our preference is to experience the local culture and hospitality. To give to the locals in the remote areas. The first leg of our trip was spent in a villa in the outskirts…

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New Zealand – Winter Wonderland

By Tegan and Clark | May 26, 2015 |

Not that we are biased because Clark is a Kiwi, but New Zealand is just one of those countries that continues to take your breath away everywhere you go. This trip we were in the South Island during the middle of winter and even then it was still beautiful. One of my favourite spots was…

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Gili Meno – Island Paradise

By Tegan and Clark | Dec 15, 2014 |

This tropical paradise off the mainland of Bali, Indonesia is a bit challenging to get to, but well worth it once you arrive. You will be delivered to the nearby island of Gilli T and then left to work it out from there. We managed to get together with several others who were going to…

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About Us

Tegan and Clark Professional Housesitting

We are a mature, professional couple who travel the world offering house sitting and pet sitting for free as a way for us to get our fur baby cuddles now that we no longer have any of our own.

We own and run a digital marketing agency which means we work during the day (and sometimes nights due to timezones) and consequently will be around all the time to give your pets (and home) the attention they need, rather than off and away playing tourist. Our preference is to live like a local at each location.

Neat, tidy, reliable and trustworthy. We are both non-smokers and choose to live a healthy lifestyle with good food and regular exercise. So if your pet likes to exercise then they will enjoy spending time with us.

Specialising in luxury homes and high-end apartments, with plenty of references available from previous clients, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home is in capable hands and will be well looked after.

You can also rest assured that your furry children will be given plenty of cuddles by us in your absence too. Pet lovers and pet owners all our lives, I (Tegan) grew up on a 4000 acre property in country NSW, Australia before having a corporate career. Clark is a born and bred New Zealander and previously an aircraft engineer with New Zealand Air Force. Our love for animals will be obvious from the minute you meet us.

Please take your time to peruse our testimonials, and then contact us via email or Facebook to organise a time to meet (in person or virtually) to see if we are all a good fit. Like many before you, you'll be glad that you did and you can now go on your holidays knowing your home is in good hands and without having to put your beloved fur babies into kennels.

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If you want to travel the world and stay in all the best places just like we do while caring for fur babies, the best kind of friends then we recommend joining Trusted Housesitters. Click our affiliate link below to find out more and receive 25% off your membership should you decide to join

Leo the Schnauzer of Twin Waters with Tegan Marshall and Clark Marshall in Australia

Leo the Schnauzer in Australia

Before we set out on our big around the world adventure all those years ago we used to call Twin Waters, Queensland, Australia home. So when we saw an advertisement in Trusted Housesitters to care for a Schnauzer in Twin Waters we jumped at the chance. We were blessed to be chosen by Leo’s hoomans…

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Blog Photo of Pablo and Blakey Singapore housesit

Pablo & Blakey in Singapore

Pablo & Blakey are the cutest fur bubs Singapore housesit for sure. Pablo is a beautiful Dalmatian who is almost completely deaf and rely’s on his best friend Blakey for support. They are an inseparable pair and from the beginning, we knew we would fall in love with them. Their parents Sophie & Damian are an…

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Eddie and Penny Thailand Housesit

Eddie & Penny in Thailand

Eddie and Penny, our Thailand house sit this year was the first new housesit we have done in over a year as we keep getting re-booked by our current fur baby parents (a great problem to have!). There were the usual first-time jitters as we hoped they would love us as much as we knew we…

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10 fur babies in Southwest France

10 Fur Babies in Southwest France

We were truly blessed to be invited back to the south of France to care for a very special group of fur babies for two months this year. When we left last year we left a piece of both our hearts there and this time an even bigger piece was left behind. They are all…

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Hector of Singapore

Hector in Singapore

Hector…OMG what an awesome friend to have! Hector is such an easy going dog who just goes with the flow of whatever is going on as long as you provide him with lots of cuddles and promise to play ball with him at least three times a day. He is well travelled, originally a Bondi…

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