Leo the Schnauzer in Australia

Leo the Schnauzer of Twin Waters with Tegan Marshall and Clark Marshall in Australia

Before we set out on our big around the world adventure all those years ago we used to call Twin Waters, Queensland, Australia home. So when we saw an advertisement in Trusted Housesitters to care for a Schnauzer in Twin Waters we jumped at the chance.

We were blessed to be chosen by Leo's hoomans to be the carers of this little guy and their beautiful waterfront home. Little did we know just how much we would fall in love with him and his quirky ways and that his human slaves (Leo's parents) would become such dear friends.

This year marked our sixth housesit of little Leo and we continue to feel blessed to be given the opportunity to spend time with him when we are in Australia.

His parents love to travel and often we will catch up with them in a foreign country which are moments we cherish.

Clark Marshall getting cuddles from Leo the Schnauzer in Australia

Leo the gentleman

We have watched Leo grow from a teenager into such a gentleman. He has always had the most impeccible manners and so well behaved. He can get a little excited when he sees a friend of his or his beloved girlfriend Bronte. But that's to be expected and it just makes him all the more adorable.

Leo the Schnauzer has always been a wise old soul and we have a bit of a joke that he isn't really a dog, he is just a toy that poops because he is such low maintenance. He is happy to play with his toys by himself and can come across aloof because he will come to you for cuddles but only when he feels like it.

Don't let that fool you though because he absolutely loves a game of chase just as much as the next puppy.

Mr Social Butterfly

When we say we are lucky to have the opportunity to housesit Leo, we aren't joking. There is a long list of people who want to hang out with Leo because he is so easy to care for. Besides his handsome good looks, his personality also makes him a star in his local community too.

Leo the Schnauzer loves nothing more than going to visit one of his buddy's for a play date. And although he keeps his heart close, there is absolutely nothing better than the welcome you receive when he sees you again after an absence (see video below).

Who is Leo the Schnauzer

All of these endearing qualities are what make up little Leo the adorable Schnauzer who we love so very much. In fact, had we been allowed Leo would have been the ring bearer at our wedding.

He already had his tuxedo ready and had previous experience at his parent's wedding. He is such a star!

Leo the Schnauzer looking oh so cute


  1. Sally Watson on March 1, 2020 at 8:28 am

    This is such a beautiful write up of our beautiful boy!!! How blessed were we to find you on Trusted House sitters nearly 6 years ago!!! You are definitely two of Leo’s favourite people and we certainly count you as dear friends.
    You not only look after him so well, but you are brilliant at taking care of our home. Our only sadness is that if you mind Leo we don’t get to spend much time with you!!!

    • Tegan and Clark on March 2, 2020 at 1:26 am

      Thank you so much Sally for your kind words! That is one of the few drawbacks of housesitting is that we are there when the owners aren’t. Hopefully, we will get to catch up with you (sans Leo) in Spain this year. Fingers crossed 🙂

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