Pablo & Blakey in Singapore

Blog Photo of Pablo and Blakey Singapore housesit

Pablo & Blakey are the cutest fur bubs Singapore housesit for sure. Pablo is a beautiful Dalmatian who is almost completely deaf and rely's on his best friend Blakey for support. They are an inseparable pair and from the beginning, we knew we would fall in love with them.

Their parents Sophie & Damian are an extremely well-traveled pair who have lived in several different countries throughout their lives and were consequently relaxed to be around and an absolutely lovely couple to spend time with. They made us feel very welcome from the start.

As apartment dogs, Pablo and Blakey needed lots of exercise, which we were more than happy to dish out every day as we got out to the nearby Singapore parks and we also didn't have to go far to experience local cuisine that was not only delicious but fabulous value too.

We got to spend Christmas with this adorable pair of fur babies and saw the new year in watching the fireworks with them from the balcony of this Singapore housesit. Couldn't think of a better way to spend our day actually.


Pablo's favourite thing to do was to stretch out on the couch and his facial expressions were just hilarious. He loved being close to you and cuddling on the couch watching television.


Blakey was a typical chocolate lab with a huge passion for food and chewing anything she could secretly get her teeth into. Extremely smart we are sure she could have been a guide dog if she had wanted to.

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