Eddie & Penny in Thailand

Eddie and Penny Thailand Housesit

Eddie and Penny, our Thailand house sit this year was the first new housesit we have done in over a year as we keep getting re-booked by our current fur baby parents (a great problem to have!).

There were the usual first-time jitters as we hoped they would love us as much as we knew we would love them and that their dad would be happy with having us care for them (super special cargo). 

All of our concerns were laid to rest the moment we met their dad who was so considerate of what we needed as he gave us the tour of the neighbourhood. 

Then the moment of truth arrived when we met Eddie & Penny for the first time. 

We had been told by their dad that, being rescue dogs, they usually are very shy and take a while to trust new people so we waited in the car until their dad had closed the front gate and then stepped out of the car. 

I think we were all surprised but none more than their dad when Eddie ran up to Clark and I and within seconds was happily cuddling in for a back scratch and then Penny did the same.

It truly was love at first sight for us all and that moment set the tone for the rest of the month with neverending cuddles, backscratches and gentle kisses. 

We both absolutely loved our time housesitting in Thailand at the Penny and Eddie house and are already booked to return in April...counting down the days!


One of the many favourite things we loved about Eddie was if you were giving him a cuddle or a pat and you stopped, he would gently place his paw on your arm to let you know that you could keep going.


Penny or little "curvy girl" as we affectionately named her loved her food but what we loved about her was her playfulness. Out of the blue she would get a glint in her eye and you knew it was playtime.

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