Pet Sitting

Having your family pet cared for as if it was their own is what Tegan & Clark are all about. Pet lovers and previously pet owners all their lives themselves they understand how important it is for your furry friends to have company and can assure you that your pets wont be left for longer than a few hours at a time and never over night alone. 


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If your pet is used to lots of affection then don't send them to a kennel. Let a house sitter give them all the cuddles they need.



Giving clear instructions on your pets diet and knowing it is being done means you will come home to a happy and healthy pet.



Have your pet looked after by animal lovers and whether they need a run, a walk or just someone to play with, they'll get it.

Travel the world housesitting & petsitting

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Your Pets

Here's some of the amazing animals we have had the pleasure of looking after.

Leo the Schnauzer of Twin Waters with Tegan Marshall and Clark Marshall in Australia

Leo the Schnauzer in Australia

Before we set out on our big around the world adventure all those years ago we used to call Twin Waters, Queensland, Australia home. So when we saw an advertisement in Trusted Housesitters to care for a Schnauzer in Twin Waters we jumped at the chance. We were blessed to be chosen by Leo’s hoomans…

Blog Photo of Pablo and Blakey Singapore housesit

Pablo & Blakey in Singapore

Pablo & Blakey are the cutest fur bubs Singapore housesit for sure. Pablo is a beautiful Dalmatian who is almost completely deaf and rely’s on his best friend Blakey for support. They are an inseparable pair and from the beginning, we knew we would fall in love with them. Their parents Sophie & Damian are an…

Eddie and Penny Thailand Housesit

Eddie & Penny in Thailand

Eddie and Penny, our Thailand house sit this year was the first new housesit we have done in over a year as we keep getting re-booked by our current fur baby parents (a great problem to have!). There were the usual first-time jitters as we hoped they would love us as much as we knew we…

10 fur babies in Southwest France

10 Fur Babies in Southwest France

We were truly blessed to be invited back to the south of France to care for a very special group of fur babies for two months this year. When we left last year we left a piece of both our hearts there and this time an even bigger piece was left behind. They are all…

Hector of Singapore

Hector in Singapore

Hector…OMG what an awesome friend to have! Hector is such an easy going dog who just goes with the flow of whatever is going on as long as you provide him with lots of cuddles and promise to play ball with him at least three times a day. He is well travelled, originally a Bondi…

Harry and Jules in Paris

Harry and Jules in Paris

Harry and Jules are two gorgeous Parisian felines. A pair of ginger brothers who slept for most of the day hidden away in boxes, under the bed or even in the cupboard. They especially loved climbing into your suitcase for a nap. When they weren’t sleeping they would either be trying to ‘help’ you with…

Lottie and Liam in Brittany

Lottie and Liam in Brittany

Lottie and Liam are two gorgeous retriever puppies (yes they are only one year old in these pics!) that we had the pleasure of spending time with in Brittany, France. Lottie and Liam tended to rule the house with Lottie being the boss and Liam being the big softie who would simply follow whatever Lottie…

Boca and Tuna

Boca and Tuna in Caribbean

It’s time to say goodbye to the beautiful St John in the Caribbean 🙁 the place we have been blessed to call home for the past three months. The people here have been the nicest we have ever met and have gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome. It’s going to be difficult…

Ollie and Tempe

Ollie and Tempe are stars of our Facebook page due to their extremely different personalities. Tempe is an old soul and I call her princess. She expects us to bow to her and so we do. Ollie is commonly known as Bulldozer as he does everything 150%. His personality is larger than life and we…


Hugo and his best friend Felix (plus there is also Fat Cat who isn’t in the pic). Who says cats and dogs can’t be friends? Hugo’s favourite thing, after food, is holding a cushion in his mouth and sitting in his favourite spot on the couch.

Gracie and Sophie

Gracie and Sophie are the epitomai of sophistication and good manners. Extremely well trained and with such gentle natures. For large dogs, they are so aware of their size and strength and are consequently so careful around you. Such a delight to spend time with these girls who’s favourite thing is a run on the…


Little Leo…what an absolute gentleman. So well behaved and just such an adorably cute little guy. Soon to be a page boy at his mummy and daddy’s wedding we know he will do a splendid job because he does everything so well. Little guy but with such a big heart.